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Since 1936, SABS has been publishing the peer-reviewed journal, Castanea, to serve professional and amateur botanists by providing high-quality scientific papers related to botany in the Eastern United States.


In botanical latin, "pumila" means short. That's exactly what our blog offers. It features original content from our members as well as commentary and press releases for articles published in Castanea.

Pumila Blog

Current events, botanical news and short summaries of Castanea articles
Pinguicula pumila by Allan Cressler (C)

Pumila features:

Member updates and announcements
Regular columns and guest posts by members
Botanical News
Industry Job and Research Position Announcements
Updates from SABS research award recipients

2020 Deadlines for Student Scholarships and Awards
Botany Students, It’s Time To Apply! SABS offers awards that help students conduct research, attend classes at biological field stations, present research at the Association of Southeastern Biologists conference, and for excellence in poster…
2020 Conference Registration Open – ASB Jacksonville
SABS continues its annual partnership with the Association of Southern Biologists to co-host a research conference. This year it will be held in Jacksonville, Florida featuring Jacksonville University and University of North Florida. SABS…
In Memoriam: Joe Everett Winstead
Joe Everett Winstead was born in Wichita Falls, Texas to Leonard E. Winstead and Nellie Helen (Reaser) Winstead on March 17, 1938. Thanks to the quick actions of his mother, the deal his older…


Castanea Journal 84(2)

Castanea has been in continuous publication since 1936 and has evolved with publishing technology to continually deliver quality botanical researched focused in the Appalachian region of the American Southeast. 

Originally published as a paper-journal with no cover graphic, then adding a digital edition and graphic cover art when the technology became available, the latest development in Castanea has been a transition to a self-publishing model that greatly reduced production time and costs.

Our sister-site, hosts our current issue as well as our complete archives. It also contains everything one needs to know about submitting a manuscript to the editor for review and publication, publishing as a student, and publication charges. Membership in SABS is not required to submit a manuscript but the journal’s archives are a member-only resource.