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Application for Earl Core Student Research Award

To apply for the Earl Core Student Research Award, please complete and submit the form below by the March 1 deadline.

Note: Upon receipt of application, the SABS Earl Core Student Research Award Committee will contact the applicant’s listed research advisor and ask them to attest to the veracity of the applicant’s information and research proposal; they will also have the opportunity to provide the committee with any additional comments they deem pertinent to the proposed research or application.

If you experience any technical difficulties with this application form please email [email protected]

enter your best estimate of the date you anticipate completing your research project
Please indicate the dollar amount of funding you are requesting to support your research project (up to $1,200)
The proposal must be < 1000 words in length (not including a list of references) and should include: 1) background information, 2) specific hypotheses and/or research questions, 3) concisely described plan for addressing hypotheses and/or questions 4) broader significance, and 5) in-text citations (particularly as related to the plan of work) and a list of references cited. An appendix must be attached indicating the amount of requested funds (up to $1200) and how they would be spent.

If you are not a current member, join or renew at
if presented this award, I will faithfully complete the research and report results to SABS for potential publication in its newsletter Chinquapin.

The research advisor must be a member of SABS and will be asked to attest to the applicant’s status as a current student and to the proposal for which support is requested.