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Fairey Biological Field Station Scholarship Application

Fairey Biological Field Station Scholarship Application

Use the application form to apply for the SABS-Fairey Biological Field Station Scholarship. Applications must be received by the April 25th deadline and be vouched for by the applicant’s professor or advisor to be considered.

When and for how long is the course / workshop?
Please provide us with a direct link to information about the course or workshop you’re applying to attend.
Please provide us with your best estimate of the full cost of attending (tuition + lodging)
Provide a short, (less than a page) narrative of your interest in botany, academic background, and how this field station experience will further your biological training. Discuss financial need required, if any, to facilitate your attendance at the field station workshop.

Mentor / Advisor Verification

In order to be considered for this scholarship, your mentor / advisor will be asked to read your personal statement regarding the course / workshop, vouch for the student’s university enrollment status (, and approve in general of the support requested.

The Fairey SABS Field Station Scholarship is happy to receive letters of support from mentors and advisors, however they are not required. If you have a letter of support from your advisor, you may attach it below. Alternatively the advisor may include a letter of support when the committee contacts him/her to vouch for the applicant’s application information.

Who is your primary mentor / advisor at your school?

By clicking yes, I verify that I am a current member of SABS. Students may join or renew membership for $20 at
By clicking yes, I confirm that I have reviewed the guidelines for the award as stated on the award information page on this website.
By clicking yes, I promise to compose a summary of my learning experience at the field station workshop / course for potential publication in the SABS newsletter Chinquapin.