Awards & Scholarships

We support Appalachian Botany and Excellence in Botanical Research

Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award

An annual award in memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew’s untiring service to the public, to plant systematics, and to our organization.

Presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves in professional and public service that advances our knowledge and appreciation of the world of plants and their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic values, and/or exceptional service to the society. 

Helonias bullata by Alan Cressler (C)
Helonias bullata by Alan Cressler (C)

Richard and Minnie Windler Awards

These awards are designated for the Best Systematics Paper and Best Ecology Paper published during the preceding year within our journal Castanea.


Earl Core Student Research Award

Established by the Society in 1996 to provide financial assistance in support of student research projects in plant taxonomy, systematics, and ecology.

The application deadline is in February of each year and the award amount may be up to $1,200.


John E. Fairey – SABS Biological Field Station Scholarship

The Fairey Scholarship provides financial support for undergraduate or graduate students to attend botany workshops or courses taught at biological field stations.

Sarracenia jonesii by Alan Cressler (C)
Sarracenia jonesii by Alan Cressler (C)

Student Conference Support Award

SABS strongly encourages student participation in our annual conference.

Our members have voted to allocate a portion of their membership dues to sponsor students who wish to present a research paper or poster with a botanical focus at the annual Association of Southeastern Biologists & Southern Appalachian Botanical Society research conference.

The award amount is $300 and may be used at the student’s discretion to defray registration and travel  costs associated with attending.

Applications are due February 14th.


Student Presentation Awards

Additional merit-based awards are given to students who are SABS members presenting research during our annual conference in conjunction with the Association of Southeastern Biologists.