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We promote and support eastern botany


Since 1936


about us

The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society was founded in 1936 as a club for botanists in West Virginia and the surrounding area. In our 84 years we’ve grown into a regional botanical society with over 400 members across 14 states. 

Each year we provide students and professional members of our society with monetary awards for and recognition of outstanding research or contributions to Appalachian botany. 

Our peer-reviewed journal Castanea, published since our founding, continues to be one of the most important contributions our society has made to southeastern botany.


Our focus

We promote interest in Appalachian botany by publishing research and supporting scholars
Scientific Literature

Appalachian Botany is a scientific treasure chest that is just beginning to be unpacked.

Since 1936, we've been publishing quality botanical research in the peer-reviewed journal Castanea


Each year, we provide professional and student scholars with thousands of dollars of support for ongoing research and in recognition of outstanding contributions to botany.


The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society began as a club in 1936. We've grown since then but haven't lost any of the sense of fellowship we have with other southern botanists.


Students are the future of every profession. Our organization noticed waning enrollment in botany programs and have dramatically increased our efforts to engage students and support them both professionally and financially.

Awards Each Year

87 years
of Botanical Community

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We support Appalachian Botany and Excellence in Botanical Research

Castanea was first published in 1936 by The Southern Appalachian Botanical Club and is now in its 85th volume.

It was the first journal to focus on Appalachian and Southeastern botany and is now the premier botanical publication for the region.

The current issue and full archives are  available to SABS members and institutional subscribers at

Members stay connected to their botanical friends and colleagues while keeping up with society business and botany news by reading our quarterly newsletter.

Issues Contain:

  • Botanical Brainteasers 
  • Edible Plants
  • Core Research Student Reports
  • Botanical Excursions
  • Society News and Updates
  • Letters from the Editor
  • Membership News
  • Rare Plants

Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany

An occasional collection of papers published by the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society.

Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany was established in January 2003 and features long manuscripts not appropriate for a regular issue of Castanea, collections of shorter manuscripts that treat topics not usually published in Castanea, and proceedings arising from symposia and conferences.”


Awards & Scholarships

We support Appalachian Botany and Excellence in Botanical Research

Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award

An annual award in memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew’s untiring service to the public, to plant systematics, and to our organization.

Presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves in professional and public service that advances our knowledge and appreciation of the world of plants and their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic values, and/or exceptional service to the society. 

Helonias bullata by Alan Cressler (C)

Richard and Minnie Windler Awards

These awards are designated for the best systematics paper and best ecology paper published during the preceding year within our journal Castanea.

Earl Core Student Research Award

Established by the Society in 1996 to provide financial assistance in support of student research projects in plant taxonomy, systematics, and ecology.

The application deadline is in February and the award amount may be up to $1,200.

Sarracenia jonesii by Alan Cressler (C)

John E. Fairey – SABS Biological Field Station Scholarship

The Fairey Scholarship provides financial support for undergraduate or graduate students to attend botany workshops or courses taught at biological field stations, inclusive of all applicable course and direct field station fees such as tuition, room, and board.

Student Conference Support Award

SABS strongly encourages student participation in our annual conference.

Our members have voted to allocate a portion of their membership dues to sponsor students who wish to present a research paper or poster with a botanical focus at the annual Association of Southeastern Biologists & Southern Appalachian Botanical Society research conference.

The award amount is $300 and may be used at the student’s discretion to defray registration, travel, lodging, and food costs associated with attending.

Student Presentation Awards

These two awards are given to the student with the best Oral Presentation and best Poster at the annual ASB/SABS conference.

Entries are assessed by anonymous judges during the conference. Each award includes an honorarium of $300, and the winners will be announced at the ASB banquet on Friday evening of the conference.


Award Recipients



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Your membership supports the continued publication of Castanea and our student awards.
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  • Support publishing Castanea, Chinquapin, and Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany


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Castanea's membership options page has options for receiving print copies of our publications as well as options for memberships that last only one year or that perennially renew each year on the same day.
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Dr. Jessica Budke in herbarium
Jessica Budke

Membership Coordinator

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Pamela Puppo

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Kadrin Anderson

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Student Representative

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Lytton Musselman

Editor, Chinquapin

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Editor-in-Chief, Castanea


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We are a community of botanists who have been supporting southeastern botany since 1935

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